About Christopher

Christopher Aune is one of those people who, when you hang out with them, the wisdom of the ages rubs off on you. 


He holds a Master's degree in agency counseling (human development), a Bachelor's in social psychology (organizational development) and an Associate's in public affairs.


A former executive consultant, Christopher is a Master Life Coach of 20 years. He struggled with religion for 47 years before authoring the book, The Simple Way of Jesus, to clarify for himself what Jesus really teaches. Now, his spiritual practice applies cutting-edge scientific knowledge to meditation and power prayer. 

He retired from 20 years in the U.S. Air Force, earning 17 awards and 20 decorations. Then, for 16 years he was a counselor and an executive consultant for professionals, business owners and executives in major corporations including Microsoft, PepsiCo and NCR.


Christopher and Chi have been married more than three decades. He is proud of his four adult offspring: Donna, Shayne, Sarah and Samuel. 

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