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We feel confused and angry because we don’t understand.


BUT, when we understand, we can have exciting conversations about any controversial topic.

Let's optimize our conversational confidence by

- learning to be a great communicator,

- discover how we know what we know, and

- how to negotiate discussions with difficult people. 

Ask me a question through the Contact tab above. 

Master Life Coach since 1998

“The truth is the truth until an institution gets ahold of it, 

then it becomes a lie because the institution becomes

more important than the truth." - Wayne Dyer

“If every 8-year-old in the world is taught meditation,

we will eliminate violence from the world

within one generation.”

– Dalai Lama

"We know how to bring Heaven to Earth in one generation if we're willing to learn and practice." - Christopher 

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Christopher, like many Christians, questioned what they teach at church. At a very young age, he wanted to know the truth! 

What does Jesus really teach?

The Simple Way of Jesus examines the original words of Jesus as he used them. When 2,000 years of religion, dogma, and doctrine are stripped away, it reveals what Jesus really teaches.

And it's not what they teach you at church.

Three simple principles to practice so you can find Heaven today. 

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