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The fix for institutional moral decay

Updated: May 13

“The truth is the truth until an institution gets ahold of it,

then it becomes a lie because the institution becomes

more important than the truth." - Wayne Dyer

Institutions are not inherently bad. Vigilantly principled institutions are essential for societies to thrive. How can any institution maintain steady vigilance to ensure principled operations over the long haul? The answer is: No institution can. But there is a solution.

If leadership isn't perpetually on guard, fundamentally good principles and intentions are eroded over decades, life times, and even millennia. Institutions get manipulated to eventually work against it's initial mission and principles. What was a great idea hundreds of years ago fails to adapt to new understanding or becomes misunderstood in modern cultures.

  • Religious beliefs are subject to millennial creep and calcification.

  • Governments get corrupted and fail after 240 years on average.

  • The medical system claims to be health care, but diet, exercise, and rest are secondary - and often entirely omitted - in favor of medicines, surgery, and use of medical devices for a profit.

The fix for institutional moral rot is in the concept of jubilee: Forgiveness and renewal every seven years, and major renewal every 49 years. That means, the solution is shutting down the institution after 49 years, and allowing a new institution to rise up ... perhaps to embrace the old principles, or perhaps to correct the direction accomplished by the old principles.

Without jubilee, institutions will always - eventually - be made to serve wrongminded agendas. Applying the concept of jubilee, from the beginning of each institution's formation, it must clearly be defined and controlled to serve human beings, and then reviewed, inspected, and adjusted every 7 years to remain in the service of humanity. Additionally, every institution must be completely closed and ended, and then reinitiated every 49 years.

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